Preakness Results The Jockey's Edge

Preakness Results The Jockey’s Edge

By May 21, 2016Reports
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Preakness Results for Saturday, May 21, 2016

Preakness Results: The Jockey’s Edge correctly picked the winner and third place finisher of the Preakness Stakes on May 21, 2016!

The Jockey’s Edge Picks were 5, 7, 3.

The horses came in as 5, 1, 3.

A bet on the winner and show horses would easily pay for the price of a membership to The Jockey’s Edge! Last week, The Jockey’s Edge picked 2 winners on the Saturday card at NYRA, and a winner on the card today, the 21st, in the eleventh race. In the fourth race today, the trifecta was chosen coming in at 4, 7, 8. The Jockey’s Edge picked 8, 4, 7!

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  • Your result means that while you have a winning ticket for an obvious choice (a Derby horse consistently in the money), you missed Cherry Wine like most of us. He outperformed his experience. So there would have been losing tickets for the exacta and trifecta, cancelling out the win ticket and resulting in a likely overall loss. Why advertise that? Anyway, I only play the big race days now including Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup. There is no time for anything else.

  • admin says:

    Please excuse the typo. I fixed it. Thank you for the heads up.

  • J.R. says:

    Cherry Wine……………..screwed a lot of us exotic Gamblers.!! Needed to be @ 3rd /4th and I had a ton of winners.. J.R.

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