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Jockeys edging out the competition at Monmouth Park.

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Handicapping with an Insider’s Edge!

Get tips from retired, professional Thoroughbred jockeys who have ridden for over a combined 100 years in the United States and abroad. These jockeys have ridden in thousands of races, and competed and won the biggest Stakes the world over!

Jockeys must quickly handicap every race they ride, sometimes moments before they go out to the paddock and get a leg up onto their horse.

The ability to glance at a race and imagine how it will develop in a flash is a skill jockeys hone after riding thousands and thousands of races. In order to stay in the game, a jockey’s gotta WIN!

See inside a jockey’s head as to how the race will unfold: which horses have speed, which will retreat in the stretch, and how many will come running at the end!

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